Welcome to MELT HAUS

Here at MELT HAUS we create a vast array of hand poured candles, made with integrity, love and care. Simply choose your favourite vessel, choose your fragrance and we will freshly pour just for you, personalised perfection!

The greeny side of us it that all our packaging is recyclable, we encourage you to keep it and reuse it to send back your empty vessel so we can refill for you.

We really encourage our customers to reuse their vessel by getting them refilled, hence Candle Recon was created for ease of use to refill your favourite candle vessel. And maybe be a bit adventurous and choose a new fragrance!

A little about me; Suzie...I have been a florist for over 16 years, over that time I have created flowers for hundreds of weddings and events. I was asked alot about candles and struggled to find a beautiful product that would work for my clients. So I ended up pouring candles to suit each occasion........it turned into an obsession. I passionately believe in every candle we pour and absolutely love what I get to create. It's all about the personal touch; you choose your container, you choose your fragrance.....and we will freshly handpour for you using ethically sourced soy wax and fragrances.

We only use the best quality ingredients in our products, this ensures a superior candle. We pour by weight, this means that you get excatly what you have paid for, due to the variations of the internal dimensions of the vessels, this is the best and most accurate way to pour and refill your vessel.



The Blossom Room Limited T/A MELT HAUS

Auckland New Zealand

We are fully New Zealand owned and operated company.